Nick Segredakis Diving Ltd. was established in 1991 and since then is dealing exclusively with commercial underwater works.

NSD Ltd., provides underwater services to ships and offshore units to all Greek ports and many other worldwide. Services include vessel’s hull maintenance such, u/w inspections, hull cleaning, propeller polishing, anodes & sensor’s replacement, and other technical works such, welding of inserts, rudder & propeller repairs, plugging of inlets/outlets for piping repairs, as well as, specialized solutions, adjusted to the requirements of each client.


NSD Ltd is approved by major Classification societies for its services and is the first in Greece with approved method & certified divers welders by Bureau Veritas, for permanent in-water repairs.

In little time from the moment of notice a team of divers can be on site in any required location of Greece, as well as all over the world, ready to offer emergency and routine services.

NSD Ltd., owns the 22m diving support boat “ELPIDA”, fully equipped for all kind of underwater works.


NSD Ltd., is proud to announce that, has successfully complied with the relevant regulations for the repairs of Underwater Welded Structures and has been awarded by B.V. Classification Society the Attestation Number LPR.410.00.075. Following this approval, NSD Ltd., became the 1st Diving Company in Hellas that have been certified by IACS member for the, underwater permanent repairs of ship’s hull, when afloat.

Why choose us?

We have 30 years of experience at commercial underwater works.

Experienced Team
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Hull Cleaning

Marine fouling increase drag, resulting reduction of vessel’s performance, meaning less speed and power, as well as more fuel consumption.

Propeller Polishing

Propeller roughness affects vessel performance and fuel economy. A poor maintained propeller can decrease power up to 5%

Inspections & Measurements

Underwater inspections & measurements approved by Classification societies.

Propeller & Ropeguards

Repairs of propellers blades, rope-guards & rope-cutters installations and repairs.


Approved welding, NDT & Cofferdam solutions.


Some of company’s equipment & tools.

Our Job

In this brief animation, one can watch, how dry dock equivalent, permanent repairs, can be carried out afloat, using the CofferDam technique.
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